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AusNOG 2016

The 10th annual Australian Network Operators Conference (AusNOG) is being held on 1-2 September. Hughes Technologies is proud to support the industry by organising the conference again.

Network Knowledge

Network Knowledge is a next generation IT infrastructure monitoring systems designed for service providers. See the product web site at http://netknowledge.co

mSQL 3.11 Released

Version 3.11 of Mini SQL has been released. Changes include bug fixes, portability enhancements, and improved integrity checking.

1 Jun 2012 Mini SQL 3.11
Bug fixes and improved portability!

22 June 2006 Ember 1.9
Bug fixes and new features in this release!

8 Jan 2003 TraffAcct 1.5
Minor bug fix!

2 Feb 2005 LibHTTPD 1.4
Feature update available!

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